I got some sound advice from my sister-in-law about adding testimonials to the site. She has been dying to hear what the actual women who are taking the seminars think about them. I am sure she’s not alone. So, here’s the scoop, straight from the source.

So far I have attended 2 of the workshops. 
Maria shared her expertise with the Dress to Be Your Best seminar.  She went over wardrobe essentials and dressing for different body types.  She reminded us of self acceptance.
Helen led us in the Imrpov and Acting workshop.  She led us of our shells and comfort zones.  This was so new to me and although I was nervous, it was a lot of fun.  It was wonderful to know that nothing we do or say is wrong. 
At the end of the workshops, Heather leads the group in discussion.  Everyone in the group is supportive and very generous with their sharing. I feel these discussions are beneficial because they allow us to catch ourselves at our most honest.
Heather, your seminar was awesome! I had so much fun with the improvisation, it reminded me of all the fun I had in my drama class when I was 12 years old! After this I felt so open for the deep conversation we had with you. I have a better understanding what is important and what is less in my life these days.
Thank you, Heather. You were amazing! Your readings on me were so “spot on” and you found an unknown yet undeveloped area in my life that I needed. You helped me open up to a new level of self-understanding and wholeness. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
Bobbi, Life Script Editing Client

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