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Thriving Through Change

I am confident we can all agree that if we want our lives to be different in some way, we will have to endure some measure of uncertainty and change. That is no revelation to anyone. It is simply common sense. That doesn’t make it easy to live through! In fact, it is so scary to face uncertainty and change that most of us stay stuck where we are rather than endure it. We sit safely in the comfort zone of what we know, no matter how uncomfortable it may get inside of that bubble. Self Help powerhouse, Tony Robbins, says the more magic and adventure we want in our lives the more we have to get comfortable with, or at least learn to tolerate, uncertainty. I remember reading a short story by author Richard Bach many years ago which discussed just this dilemma.

turtle with a hat

The story was basically about these little creatures whose entire existence, they believed, depended upon their clinging tightly to the rocks at the bottom of a rushing river. If they were ever to lose their grip they would be swept off to a certain death. The rub being that clinging for a lifetime to a rock in the hopes that one can endure, is not much of a life. As in all the Richard Bach stories I have ever read, a rebel appears who can no longer accept the status quo. This little creature just cannot bring himself to endure a  life of enduring any longer. He would rather risk “certain” death than continue to cling to existence. So it is for all of us. We may have many who tell us that our dreams are impossible. We may have an inner choir constantly singing to us of the dangers of our dreams. Sometimes the smallest steps feel like impossible leaps. Sometimes impossible leaps happen, when we are willing to tolerate the unbearable anxiety of uncertainty.

You gain strength, courage, and confidence

by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face.

You must do the thing which you think you cannot do.

~Eleanor Roosevelt


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