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I know you are all waiting on the edge of your seats to hear what the “M” word for the month of March will be. Drum roll please……

The word of the month is: Meditation

The “All About Energy” class really highlighted for all of us the importance of meditation. How taking the time to get quiet and focused, in whatever way works for you, allows you to access and get comfortable with your normal. What does being you feel like without the outside influence of judgement, anxiety, doubt, anger or anything else? It’s kind of like learning to balance on a tightrope.


The more time you spend balanced in whatever place is natural to you, the more easily you notice when outside forces push you out of that sweet spot. That outside force may be something major like losing a job or something more common like getting cut off in traffic. Anything can jolt you out of your center and threaten to knock you off the wire. It becomes easier with time to return to your place of balance and decide how to handle the situation from there.

Meditate, all the cool people do!


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