Pushing myself to be kinder, calmer and more compassionate has me noticing these qualities in women all around me. We are amazing creatures with limitless potential. So why are we holding ourselves back with hurtful beliefs about who we are? Let’s tap this natural resource and use each other for support to push through to our dreams.

This series of seminars is designed to bring groups of like-minded women together to share a fun and bonding experience.  Each seminar begins with a presentation from an expert on a range of topics from healthy cooking to improvisation exercises. A group discussion follows in which the women are encouraged to share and support an airing of personal struggles in these areas. The goal is for each woman to feel empowered to tackle these challenges in a realistic and practical way. Building on small successes and learning as you go empowers people to stop hiding from the negative beliefs that are weighing them down. Remove the roadblocks and buckle up! We are taking off for our dreams and would love to have you with us.

My name is Heather Maguire. I am a married, mother of two great kids. I have an undergraduate degree in Psychology from Boston University. I have dabbled in a lot of things from working with troubled kids to owning my own hand crafts store. I always come back to what I love which is really getting honest with people. I want to know what makes you tick. Really, I find that fascinating.


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