Acknowledge Awesomeness

Acknowledge Awesomeness, that is my alphabetical inspiration for the month of April. Acknowledge Awesomeness is about recognizing the times big and small when you get a wink from the Universe.

For example, this morning I took my daughter to the pediatrician and was noticing the drawings and family photos hanging in the reception area. In one of the pictures two young boys were sitting with their new baby brother laying across their laps. It was a beautiful shot, but what really caught my eye was the way the middle child was holding his arm out to his side with his elbow bent and his hand palm up on top of his head. If I didn’t know better I would have just assumed the picture was just snapped at the wrong moment. That maybe the kids were fidgeting and it wasn’t possible to get one “perfect” shot. But I do know better. You see it just so happens that for about two years when my son was small the only way he would have his picture taken was with his hand upside down on top of his head. For a few months it had to be both hands. We called that The Double!

You might be wondering what is so awesome in this story. For me, this was a reminder that there is nothing about any of us that is so unusual, different, or strange that sets us apart. We are not ever alone, even in our quirkiest and strangest places there are others who can join us there. What a comforting reminder of the common thread that runs through all of us.

This month I will strive to Acknowledge Awesomeness in all the strange and wonderful places I find it.

hand on headI couldn’t find a digital photo of my son from this stage. Just imagine this guy pre- tattoo, eyeliner, and beard with his right hand more opened. My son was two and a half when he started, so a little smaller too.


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2 responses to “Acknowledge Awesomeness

  • brendamarroy

    Thank you for sharing this story. I agree with you about acknowledging awesomeness. So many criticize awesomeness because they don’t always understand it. If someone is different we often feel we need to label the difference instead of just acknowledging that someone is awesome. 🙂

    • lifeandfriendship

      I know, labels and categories seem to give us a sense of security. Kind of strange when you think about it. I just think it is so magic too see such a concrete example of how we are all so connected.

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