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It came to me recently what it is I have been creating with my group of women as we meet in our seminars. As I have been twisting and turning my brain trying to define and focus and perfect my “elevator pitch” to explain exactly what it is we are doing- we have actually been doing IT.

We are holding a space of unlimited possibilities for each other. I recently watched the movie Hungry For Change and a quote from Frank Ferrante stood out for me. He said he joined a support group and they welcomed him into the group with the line, “We will love you until you learn to love yourself.” He was deeply impacted by this. That people he did not know would hold a space of love for him regardless of how he felt about himself, and trusted that he would grow to see himself as they did. Powerful!!!

hands with heart

It popped into my head that our group of women is doing the same. As we are individually asking the questions of what do I want, what makes me happy, do I have the courage to change, do I have the courage not to? We are collectively holding a space of trust that  whatever we can dream we can create. That we are each sparks of Divine energy that is powerful enough to birth babies, soothe hurt feelings, protect dreams, carry through hard times, celebrate good times, and to dare to trust that we are without limit in potential.

mom and baby hands

Please trust and know that this space is here for you too. On this blog, in my classes and connecting in whatever way is meaningful for you. There is a space for you to come and hang out. Soak in whatever you need to begin the process of trusting in yourself.


Meditation Inspiration

I had a Martha Beck inspiration about a year ago to start paying attention to what makes me happy. At first, it was honestly kind of struggle to come up with anything. All the ideas I came up with had a but attached that went something like this, “I would love to ___________, but…”  It was beginning to sound as if I was talking myself out enjoying my life by throwing up all of these rules, regulations, and expectations of perfection. Hmmmmm.

Over time I managed to amass a small but growing list. Eventually I even got to the place where I could recognize and appreciate fun moments in the midst of not so fun activities. That was a big development! I gave up the relentless push to find my “Life’s Purpose”, at least as that applied to career. I made figuring out how to find Joy my life’s purpose. I admit a lot of days I still lose sight of my path, but I am so much more in tune with how I am feeling moment to moment. Being in touch with how I am feeling is like having my hands on the steering wheel of my emotions. By steering towards the happy thoughts and away from the angry, restless, bored, yucky ones I really am a happier person. Who knew!

things to be happy about

I think the biggest tool for me to keep my hands on the steering wheel is meditation. It doesn’t matter how I meditate, just that I do. It slows down my brain enough that I can actually hear the individual thoughts as they come flowing by instead of in the overwhelming torrent they can become without meditation. This is helpful in so many ways but mostly it gives me the opportunity to weed the garden, so to speak. I can ask myself, “Do I really believe that?” or “Is that what I want to tell myself about this?” What a relief.

Ideas or inspiration often comes through meditation and recently I got a zinger. I suddenly had the idea for a big project that combines so many of the things I love to do, home renovation, home decoration, landscaping, painting, community building, and many more. Plus this idea would be a great challenge for me to learn new skills and organize a large group of people. The idea is to organize/create an all volunteer Home Makeover for a family in our town. We will find a family who is in need of home repairs and renovations but has been unable to afford them. We will garner donations from local businesses and individuals and we will get volunteers to donate the labor to fix up their home. I know super crazy, right? But super cool too. I just stopped by the Mayor’s office to see if I could make an appointment with him to speak about it and he ushered me right in. He thinks it’s a great idea and would love to see it happen. He made recommendations to maybe set up a non-profit, find an accountant, insurance, etc. I guess this means the ball is officially rolling.

home makeover

I gotta go pinch myself!

If you have ever heard of this being done or just have suggestions PLEASE send them along. I am open to all ideas. Just please, if you have a word of caution for me, also offer a solution. Now is not a good time for nay Sayers,  (is there ever a good time?). Thank You, Thank You, Thank You


I know you are all waiting on the edge of your seats to hear what the “M” word for the month of March will be. Drum roll please……

The word of the month is: Meditation

The “All About Energy” class really highlighted for all of us the importance of meditation. How taking the time to get quiet and focused, in whatever way works for you, allows you to access and get comfortable with your normal. What does being you feel like without the outside influence of judgement, anxiety, doubt, anger or anything else? It’s kind of like learning to balance on a tightrope.


The more time you spend balanced in whatever place is natural to you, the more easily you notice when outside forces push you out of that sweet spot. That outside force may be something major like losing a job or something more common like getting cut off in traffic. Anything can jolt you out of your center and threaten to knock you off the wire. It becomes easier with time to return to your place of balance and decide how to handle the situation from there.

Meditate, all the cool people do!

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