Just Frog It

I heard an awesome acronym for the word FEAR recently.

F@%# Everything And Run

 For some reason I think that is just hysterical. So, as I have been considering a word for the month following my alphabetical theme this year naturally Fear came to mind for February. I toyed with the idea of changing the words around a bit into something like

Feel Everything And Remain.

keep calm

That seemed pretty good. Then I bumped into a friend who said she had been thinking of me and for some reason kept picturing frogs. She couldn’t figure out what the heck the frogs were all about but they reminded her of an acronym.

Fully Rely On God

Bingo. This is the perfect fit for how I have been trying to operate lately. I am trying to go beyond just feeling the fear and staying anyway. I am trying to make the jump to feeling the fear and then reminding myself that the Universe has got it covered. When I say “God” I do intend to imply some evangelical or dogmatic set of rules that must be followed. I mean it more in the sense of a trust fall or a leaning into the wind. Whatever is meant to be will happen, and I am just humming along trying my best to enjoy the beautiful gift that is my life and all the amazing people in it!

frog on a bench

“It’s all good”

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