Grocery Store Harmonica

You know those times when something happens and even though you were there and saw it for yourself, even you question if it really happened. I had one of those recently at the grocery store and every time I think of it I have to smile.

I was at the register and my groceries were being scanned. I started to notice music, harmonica music. Strange… I look to my left and see a rather nonplussed older woman pulling her carriage into my line. Behind her carriage is her husband who also doesn’t look terrible excited to be out running errands. However, strapped around his neck and hanging down in front of his chest is some kind of home made harmonica amplifying system. It was the size of a large shoe or boot box without the lid. So, just the bottom of the box, and very colorful. It appeared to be made out of either candy wrappers or gimp with some crude metal parts and wires wrapping around inside. You get the idea, colorful, homemade, kind of Alice in Wonderland-ish.

Imagine this:amplifierharmonica

Plus this:pinata

With these two:older couple

The really cool part about this was that here was this older guy, probably in his 80’s, who for some reason was compelled to play his harmonica wherever he goes. His wife appeared to be pretty tired of hearing him play his God D$%^* harmonica. The comedy of those two in contrast to the cheerful music and the unorthodox little amp system, especially in the grocery store of all places, was just undeniable. The smiles spread quickly between the shoppers. I looked at the girl scanning my groceries and she gave a little smile and a chuckle. I looked over and a little boy was laughing and dancing a jig with his sister. All around me people awoke from their stupor and realized what they were seeing. It was magic.

God Bless grumpy old men who insist on playing outlandish contraptions wherever they go and spreading smiles along the way. Bless their wives too. Wives that really, really want to back over their husband’s home made amp and silence it forever… but who love their man enough to keep on listening.

I hope you bump into some magic while you are out and about too.


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