Unburden Yourself

Recently I was able to catch up with a good friend over a cup of coffee. She was telling me about a recent trip to her absolutely amazing integrative wellness doctor who has a massage therapist on staff. She was seeing the massage therapist for an ongoing pain in her arm and wrist which my friend assumed was due to continuous “mousing”.

Now this is no ordinary massage therapist as she chooses all kinds of scents to have pumped into the room for each client along with delicious massage oils. She asked my friend to begin using a certain breathing technique designed to help release. The massage therapist explained that my friend could release what she had been holding in her body without knowing what it was but just with the intention of letting go. As the massage continued my friend huffed and puffed away thinking, “Let it go. Let it go…” and just relaxed into the experience.

She described it to me as if the therapist was the “midwife” helping her to release what had been keeping her in pain. What a perfect metaphor. How lucky to find someone to help you release from your body what has kept you stuck and in pain. I also love this concept that we don’t need to know what it is in order to release it. In our culture we have been trained to think we must revisit a painful incident and trace its spidery veins into every area of our lives that has been marred or damaged by it. ¬†Believe me, I am not trying to say that therapy is in any way a waste of time. It is profoundly valuable in so many ways. I am saying that I am all for shortcuts! We are all wise to use every tool available to create the life we want.

I had an image last night as I was floating off to sleep of someone carrying a heavy burlap sack over their shoulder and picking up chunks of Fool’s Gold to put in their sack. The Fool’s Gold was a metaphor for beliefs this person had formed through their life. At the end of the trail the bag was opened to reveal so much of what was thought to be pure Gold or truth, was really a mistake. They picked up one large chunk and thought, I put you in my bag when I believed I was wrong for speaking up. Everyone was upset by what I said and I put you in my sack believing I was a hurtful person who was careless with my words. What I did not see is that after everyone was grateful I had spoken the truth when they did not have the courage. Picking up another chunk from the bag they thought, I remember you. I put you in my sack when I decided I was not good enough because I was not chosen. After that I never tried to hope for anything again as it was so painful to be disappointed. Now I see I was not chosen for another reason and have missed my chance at so many things because I did not dare try.

As more and more of the Fools Gold came out of the bag and was exposed this person realized what a heavy burden they had placed on themselves. As they came to the bottom of the bag they began to uncover some pieces of true Gold. Holding these luminous metal pieces in their palm it was plain to see how little of what they had believed was really the truth. The truth is simple and beautiful and small enough to hold in one hand, yet it is enough to carry you through anything. The universe lined up in a very special way to make sure YOU were created. No mistakes!

sack of coal

Remember, Huff and Puff and Let It Go!


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