Today It’s All Good

It is a beautiful January day in the Boston area. We have a few inches of sparkling snow on the ground but a definite thaw in the air. My mission to notice the joyful moments is in full swing. Today I met with my boss and it sounds like the changes that are coming will take their time to reach me. He is definitely working to find a way to not only keep me employed but for my new job to work for me. At least another month or so before my day to  day life changes very much. Hooray!

I shared a laugh with a sales clerk at Home Depot. She was a great girl with a job she doesn’t love. She could have treated me like one of the masses but she took the time to stop and laugh. How much friendlier the world is when you are open to having fun and enjoying yourself.

My awesome sister-in-law called with a full head of steam to tell me how I should not allow myself to just take just any job that is offered but to reach for more. “You should not do a stoopid job. No! You are great.” She is this fiery little Hungarian who starts talking so fast when she gets all worked up. Her accent gets thicker as her brain works frantically to find the words in English as fast as she is thinking them in Hungarian. I love it. Also, how cool is that to get a call when you are shopping at Home Depot from a worked up European with this awesome accent telling you how great you are?! She is the very best.

I splurged on a wood working drill kit for myself that I have wanted to buy for ages after my wonderful husband asked me, “What’ the hold up?” He’s right. What was I waiting for? It is winter and I need a little project to perk things up around here. I am so excited to get started.

You get the picture. Today it is obvious I live in a world that wants only the best for me. How could that not make me happy!

happy monkey

I have also decided to stay focused on my seminars, night school classes,  book club, and life script editing plans that were in the works before my job situation changed.  I will keep you posted as things get nailed down.


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