Crazy Train

Wasn’t there somebody who said that when they decided to give up gossip they had nothing to say for weeks? Okay, so maybe that’s pretty hard-core. I think it’s more realistic for most of us to set an intention and then notice how it feels when we don’t follow through on that intention. Not in a self bashing, guilty way but really just asking, “How does it feel?” I used to get so aggravated in yoga class when the teacher would say, “Just notice how your body feels today.” I thought this was so redundant and just mindless yoga chatter. Now I can see the wisdom of noticing without judgment. Those yoga  teachers – always slipping in the life lessons!

Feelings are our guide to whether we are on track with our thoughts and actions or not. We shouldn’t dwell on the guilt, frustration, whatever,  just acknowledge it and determine the action that produced it. Then we can decide if we want to continue doing or thinking whatever it is that caused us to feel bad.

In preparation for my night school class I found a quote from Dr. Daniel G. Amen,

“Don’t believe everything you hear, even in your own mind.”

Those run away thought trains that take us to dark places of self blame and shame are a journey we can choose not to make. Why not tell yourself something positive instead. Honestly, lose the drama! Trust me, it is so relaxing to get off the crazy train and just say, “I’m human. Sometimes I don’t do things perfectly, but I can learn from my mistakes.”


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One response to “Crazy Train

  • Crowing Crone Joss

    Lose the drama! The drama that has gone on in my head over the years is just that – drama. And I can choose to walk away from it, turn it off, spiral up and out of it. Boy it took me a long time to realize that and it still sneaks in there now and then!!

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