Interpreting the Signs

Look at the problems in your life. Ask yourself, “What kind of thoughts am I having that create this?” -Louise Hay

I have been working on a new theory and wasn’t going to write about it until I really had it nailed. Then I realized that is my fall back avoidance technique so I am just throwing it out there now and hoping to get feedback from all of you!

I think I mentioned a while back about the idea that feeling bad or guilty is a replacement for action. I heard this idea in the Design Your Life class I took. The discussion was about being in or keeping your integrity. If you do what you say you will do, you have integrity. If you don’t do what you said you will do, you are out of integrity. Now comes a choice. You can either take action to remedy the situation. This can be tough because it probably involves telling the truth about why you didn’t do whatever “it” was. Option B is that you can feel bad about not doing “it” and make up for it through self-flagellation. For example, “I was 30 minutes late for the appointment because I couldn’t be bothered to get ready on time, but I feel really badly about it,” or “I know I said I would go to the party and I stayed home on the couch instead, but I feel reeeaaallly guilty.” This one is a classic, “I know I promised I would get more exercise and I haven’t done shit, but I feel really crappy about myself. Does that make up for it?”

You get the idea. This concept totally made sense to me and I could see how much less time I could spend feeling badly if I simply said what I meant and did what I said. Well, simply might be a stretch… it’s a learning curve really.

The more time I have spent slowing down, meditating, and listening to how I am feeling, the more I have started to think that feeling bad is really a guide in all areas of my life. Feeling guilty, sad, angry, disappointed or frustrated is really a spiritual nudge to get my butt back on track. When I realize I am driving around white knuckled or grinding my teeth down to nubs I start to run down the list of what could be causing it. Is there something I need to tell somebody? Did I not handle a situation in a positive way? Is there something I am avoiding?Whatever it is I can decide if I want to go back to fix it or just take a few minutes to learn from that FEELING. I have found a pattern for myself and I am guessing all of us have our own “feeling code” we can learn. ย I know when I am feeling restless, irritable and just put out in general it is usually because I am not moving forward towards my goals. Allowing fear to hold me back does not seem to agree with me!

I am thinking too about feelings in your body. Could physical pain or illness be signs too that we are “out of alignment”? I shy away from committing to this idea because I feel an element of blame. I would never want someone dealing with illness or pain to feel somehow judged or at fault. On the other hand I think of what a wonderful thing it would be if we could all learn how to understand messages our body was sending us. “My back is acting up again. I really have to stop bad mouthing my neighbor.” I just ordered a book from Louise Hay. I am curious to see how she explains these concepts.ย What do you think? Have you had any experiences with this yourself?


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12 responses to “Interpreting the Signs

  • The Presents of Presence

    Louise Hay’s book You Can Heal Your Life changed my life ~ I highly recommend reading it! There’s another good book about affirmations and the mind/body/life connection which is great too…you can check it out:

  • Tabitha

    ๐Ÿ™‚ I love when things are placed on my path at just the right time. Here I sit at my desk at the office job I have hated from about Day 2 of employment…3 years ago! I need to leave. I know I need to leave. I know because I feel drained, my stomach churns, my neck solidifies from tension, I become a colossal BITCH and my moods run all over the place. This job is literally and figuratively making me sick but I stay because of fear. I will not go to another job like this one. When I leave here it will be to commit fully to my yoga teachings, Reiki, and creativity workshops. What does that mean? 100% unpredictability in the financial department and, right now, that scares me more than wasting my life in here. But my body tells me I’m wounding it by committing to “wrong employment” and here I apply the word “wrong” only to me in my situation.

    So, do I believe the body is a signpost as to whether a life is balanced and/or in alignment? Most absolutely…YES!

    • lifeandfriendship

      Thank you for your response. I can feel the frustration and fear of your situation. I appreciate your feedback and perspective on this. It is very in tune with what I have been coming to see in my own life. I wish I had an answer or solution for you, but obviously this is your mystery to solve. I would love to hear more about your progress and will definitely be checking on your blog for more details. Also, Creativity Workshops? Sounds interesting!

      • reikipeth

        You really sound like I how I felt back in 2000/01. Stuck in a job that was making me ill, amongst a load of other stuff.

        The only thing that kept me sane was doing part time archaeology studies that eventually led me to becoming an archaeologist. These days I’m no longer working as an archaeologist, BUT I’m so, SO glad I saved some pennies, took voluntary severance, took that full time study course that got me into archaeology.

        I know how you feel with the job. Hate it, but like the regular pay and ‘security’ it brings. Oh, I’ve been there!

        Yes, it is damn scary to change something big like a job/ profession. It is, however, possible. Have a plan ‘A’, plan ‘B’, maybe even a plan ‘C’. Try not to worry. Do your research. Follow your instincts. It does take courage, but those changes – however scary (and they are) can get you to the place you really feel you belong. You might not find it easy – but don’t be discouraged. Some days you’ll plod – other days, you’ll fly along.

        Weaning yourself off an old pattern is hard, but very, very doable. Those unexpected breaks (like voluntary severance for me) can pay off big time. Just work at it in the best way you can and don’t despair.

        Make that list of what you want to do. The pros, the cons. Be gentle with yourself and have a go.

        I’m going through a not dissimilar thing again – I’m looking to expand the Reiki work I do. It’s been a very slow start and my other (full time) job is exhausting, but time will tell. Things happen for a reason.

        So, just for today I will be gentle on myself.

        Sue @

      • lifeandfriendship

        You are so kind and warm. I can feel your loving energy right through my computer!
        Thank you

      • Tabitha

        Very kind of you to write back. Thank you.

        I used the example of the office job since it’s just so pressing in my life right now. The job actually proved to be a great teacher for me in that the light bulb really came on and I could see the impact of not being properly aligned on my path. Finding my way out of the labyrinth? Like being on the quest for the Holy Grail. ๐Ÿ™‚

        Creativity workshops…yes. ๐Ÿ™‚ One was supposed to run this fall but I postponed it. An exploration of creative ways to help women find their voices and speak their truths. The other is in the early planning stages and will be co-facilitated with a friend of mine who also blogs on here: oalaego.

        I greatly enjoy your blog. I appreciate your honesty and your courage to be raw, to explore the more difficult and challenging sides of life and to share that with the rest of us. Thank you.

      • lifeandfriendship

        Your creativity workshops sound amazing. Please let me know if you come up with an online format. I would love to be in on the experience. I am also in the process of creating my own seminars and classes. I have a group of friends who have been involved in my seminars since this Spring and have manifested some awesome results. I am so proud of them! I am also excited to be starting a class through the adult ed program in our community in a few weeks. The name of the class is Rewriting Your Life Script. I would love to expand to some type of online format but have been intimidated by the technology of it all. Thanks so much for getting in touch. I look forward to hearing more about your workshops as they develop!

  • reikipeth

    You ask about feelings in your body and ‘Could physical pain or illness be signs too that we are โ€œout of alignment?’. One thing I was advised about a couple of weeks ago and it hasn’t sunk in ’til now is that mood can affect physicality and physicality can affect mood.

    If you like there are two wheels (like the ones hamsters & mice run around in). One turns from physical to mood and the other mood to physical. Sometimes only one wheel is running, sometimes you flip between one and the other.

    For someone who full time has a heavy manual job, I have been finding the daily work is now a grind – I am breaking my body. I don’t feel like I am ‘pulling my weight’ (we are a very busy dept. and are now running flat out). This has been getting to me mentally.

    Having had a couple of weeks to mull the mood & physical thing over, I realise that mood has fed the physical bit – how physically up to it (the job) I feel. And fed that a fair bit, more than I realise! However, physically hurting is feeding my mood – into a downward spiral.

    So in answer to ‘Could physical pain or illness be signs too that we are โ€œout of alignment?’. Yes, I think it can!

    And ta for the Hay book reminder. I need to get one of them off the shelf and back into my hot hands. Time to re-look at things. And make time to self heal with Reiki. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Sue @

    • lifeandfriendship

      That is an awesome explanation! I am going to think about that for a bit to find examples in my own life. Also- self heal with Reiki, that sounds great… so convenient!
      Thanks so much, Heather

      • reikipeth

        Hell, yeah. Self healing with Reiki rocks. ๐Ÿ™‚

        And it can be done anywhere – on public transport, at work (though maybe discretely, as some people may not be ready for that kind of stuff); whilst watching TV, etc.

        But best of all done in a specifically allotted time will give the best results.

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