Let the good times roll

Hope your summer travels are happy ones.

I want to be careful how I word this because I don’t want to sound braggy and full of myself here. The feelings driving this post are happiness, gratitude, pride and more than a little astonishment. So, please don’t roll your eyes when I tell you that I love my life.

I have been trying to let go of stress and worry and just let the good times roll. I am realizing more and more that what I pay attention to is what I seem to feel or attract more of in my life. The stress and worries I paid so much attention to all of my life were like a greedy, spoiled child. No matter how much time and energy I gave them, they always wanted more. The more I put those worries aside with a little pat on the head, “I know you’re there. I’m just not going to pay any attention to you right now,” the better they behave.

I was in yoga class the other night and it was HOT. I felt like I was going to puke from about 15 minutes in and my head was starting to throb. All of a sudden Joe Cocker starts singing, “You’re everything I hoped for. You’re everything to me. You are so beautiful…” I just started to laugh. How lucky am I to be in a hot, sweaty yoga class right now with not a care in the world?! That same day my 8-year-old daughter told me she wanted to go for a jog with me. How did she know I had just the night before made a commitment to myself to stop feeling badly about not exercising and just do it? So, I fired up the tunes on my phone and off we went. It was something like this. Walk, giggle, walk, jog, smile, walk, laugh, walk, jog, pant, giggle, walk, think about jogging, laugh, walk, jog and we’re home. The whole time I was just thinking, “Thank You, this is perfect”.

You get the idea, enjoying the heck out of the simple things is making me a happy lady, and teaching me how to create more. I hope you’re finding the same joys in your own lives!



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