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Go Ahead, Jump

We spent a little time in Tahoe on our recent trip out west. Man is it gorgeous out there! We all fell in love and started dreaming of going back for a whole week next summer. That is until we felt the water temperature- Yikes! I am on something of a mission lately to jump on every chance I get for adventure, but one dunk of my toes and I knew there was no way I was going in.  Down the beach was a little pier and a few brave kids were jumping off the end.

My son was fascinated and decided he was going to jump too. So, after we had lunch we strolled down. As we got towards the end of the pier his anxiety started to spike. When he tried to climb up on the railing he was truly terrified but still so determined to jump. He was down in the dumps that he had chickened out. Why? We all do this to ourselves, we make up some imaginary bar and then beat ourselves up if we don’t reach it. I get it that setting goals is awesome and totally moves you to a whole new place, but not reaching your goals is a valid part of the process too. Maybe it gives you more determination for the next time, teaches you something about the limits you have set for yourself, or maybe you just need more than one crack at it.

I spoke to him for a minute about fear being an evolutionary device programmed into your body to protect you against danger. I told him you can choose to ignore the warning and go for it. Twenty seconds of courage, right? He went down to a lower area where my daughter was working up her courage and with a little support from my husband, in they went. Twice. I was so proud of them. They had made up their minds that it was going to happen and they did it!

My son was bummed out as he hadn’t jumped from the highest point. I am working on him, though. He jumped right into his fear and swam all the way to shore.  I am positive that when we go back he will take that high dive. He just needs one more chance.


Touching Trolley Troubles

Howdy strangers! I am just back from a trip out west with the family. It was a great adventure for us including an unexpected dip in a mountain stream!

Another thing we didn’t expect is that San Francisco is freezing cold in JULY!!  The cable cars were a must.  We originally planned on walking the return trip but we were in no shape for those hills.  The best place to catch a return trolley was at a cross street which  happened to be a shady, windy hilltop. We waited a very long time.  I was fearing a bout with pneumonia by the time a trolley came along.

The driver said he had room for four. The two women in front of us graciously stepped aside so my kids could get out of the cold. This is when it got very interesting. The driver suddenly said he had room for 2 more but those ladies couldn’t get on and a different couple climbed in. What!!!!!!!!!! I am not sure what came over me,  normally I would just stew about what a creep this guy was for a week or two.  Instead, I started yelling at him and shoving the new couple off the train. “Oh No!” I shouted. “Those two ladies have been freezing here for an hour and they are next.” He gruffed back, “This is my job. They said ‘No’ and they can’t get on.”  Obviously, this guy was a controlling lunatic not rational.

After a few more words were exchanged, the trolley left without any more additions. Eventually a seat opened and I gladly took it. I gazed down and there was a dime, (I mentioned before how my father drops dimes to remind me of his presence).  Out of nowhere the woman next to me nudges  my son and says, “Give your Mom a hug. She needs it.” I couldn’t say anything. I was too choked up. Right then and there I felt it. I was nestled down deep in loving kindness.

Let the good times roll

Hope your summer travels are happy ones.

I want to be careful how I word this because I don’t want to sound braggy and full of myself here. The feelings driving this post are happiness, gratitude, pride and more than a little astonishment. So, please don’t roll your eyes when I tell you that I love my life.

I have been trying to let go of stress and worry and just let the good times roll. I am realizing more and more that what I pay attention to is what I seem to feel or attract more of in my life. The stress and worries I paid so much attention to all of my life were like a greedy, spoiled child. No matter how much time and energy I gave them, they always wanted more. The more I put those worries aside with a little pat on the head, “I know you’re there. I’m just not going to pay any attention to you right now,” the better they behave.

I was in yoga class the other night and it was HOT. I felt like I was going to puke from about 15 minutes in and my head was starting to throb. All of a sudden Joe Cocker starts singing, “You’re everything I hoped for. You’re everything to me. You are so beautiful…” I just started to laugh. How lucky am I to be in a hot, sweaty yoga class right now with not a care in the world?! That same day my 8-year-old daughter told me she wanted to go for a jog with me. How did she know I had just the night before made a commitment to myself to stop feeling badly about not exercising and just do it? So, I fired up the tunes on my phone and off we went. It was something like this. Walk, giggle, walk, jog, smile, walk, laugh, walk, jog, pant, giggle, walk, think about jogging, laugh, walk, jog and we’re home. The whole time I was just thinking, “Thank You, this is perfect”.

You get the idea, enjoying the heck out of the simple things is making me a happy lady, and teaching me how to create more. I hope you’re finding the same joys in your own lives!



remember your song

This beautiful story is a powerful example of a group reminding an individual that they hold a special place in the world. It is in so many ways the essence of the Life and Friendship seminars. Any belief that we are not good enough should be sung, danced, painted, meditated, laughed or played out of us until we believe again in our own perfection.


Photo credit unknown

There is a tribe in Africa where the birth of a child is not counted from when they’ve been born, nor from when they are conceived,  but from the day that the child was a thought in the mother’s mind.

And when a woman decides she will have a child, she goes off and sits under a tree by herself, and she listens until she can hear the song of the child that wants to come. And after she’s heard the song, she comes back to the man who will be the child’s father, and teaches it to him. And then, when they make love and physically conceive the child, some of that time they sing the song of the child, as a way to invite it.

And then when the mother is pregnant, she teaches that child’s song to the midwives and the old women of…

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