Peace of Summer

Summer has always been  my special time to make myself crazy with projects. I get flooded with all of these great ideas of things I can build, sew, paint, plant or organize. Then I fire up the anxiety engines wondering when am I going to get my time to work on these all important projects. What a head of steam I can build up telling myself how unfair it is that I get no time to do what I want and NEED to do.

It occurred to me some time ago that this coping strategy could use some tweaking. What exactly is it that I am trying to cope with? I realized I am struggling to balance my vision of the perfect summer and my role as a wife and mother in that picture with the real life needs and wants of all of us. The projects somehow become my escape. I am getting time to myself without being selfish and doing something frivolous or fun. I can see the twisted logic that strung this plan together.

This summer, I decided I am just going to ask for what I want.  My vision of a perfect summer now includes time and space for all of us to have and do what makes us happy.

I love this and could recreate some version of it with my stairs. I just don’t need to go crazy making it happen for the next several weeks.

If you see a tall, grumpy looking lady stomping around Home Depot muttering to herself… just slip a note in my carriage reminding me to ask for what I really want. Thanks!


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