Intentional Act Of Kindness

I am lucky enough to be married to someone for whom random acts of kindness are not something he thinks about. He just jumps right in and has a way about him that always  sets everyone at ease. One time we were going into a restaurant and an older gentleman didn’t see the curb and stumbled pretty hard into the street. Everyone, including his family, just looked on in shock. Not my hubby, he rushed right over and helped the guy up. After a few minutes he was cracking jokes and everyone was on their way. Is he kinder than the rest of us who just looked on?  Maybe, but I think the biggest difference is he just doesn’t stop to worry that the person will be offended, or that he will be intruding.

I decided recently that I would try to take advantages of opportunities to commit these random acts of kindness when they arose, and not just walk by wondering if I should help. A few days ago I got my first chance. I was coming out of a store just as an employee from the store was struggling to help get some outdoor chairs into an older woman’s car. It was obvious they were not going to fit. I walked by thinking they would probably fit into mine. Immediately I started coming up with reasons why I shouldn’t offer my help to this woman. Then I saw this for the opportunity that it was and marched myself right back and asked if I could follow her home with the chairs in my car. Really this was no big deal. It took less than 10 minutes and solved such a hassle for his poor lady. She was happy and I was happy. Mission accomplished.

While it certainly wasn’t the first time I’ve ever done something nice for someone. It was the first time I did it on purpose, so to speak. I am on the lookout for more opportunities. I recently heard of a cute and easy way to spread some kindness. Take out the phone book and randomly pick out a name. Put some money in a card, whatever is appropriate for you, $1, $5 or maybe $10. Then write a quick note. Something like , “I hope this brings you happiness. The universe is sending good things your way.”  DON”T SIGN THE CARD. Put the name and address that you picked on the envelope and send it on its way. How awesome would that be to get in the mail someday?!


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