What are you addicted to?

I found another quote today which dovetails beautifully with my last post. This quote is from Tony Robbins:

“Our biggest addiction is problems…We can reduce our life to a description that makes other people feel sorry for us. Or we can expand our life to a dimension that connects and gives to others.”

Is it time for a rewrite?

I found that quote on this site where she has a list of quotes from one of Oprah’s recent specials. I hadn’t thought much about Tony Robbins until recently. I watched a clip somewhere and was hooked to You Tube for a few days. I love anything I can find that shows him interacting with people at his shows. Here is a link to an Anthony Robbins page where you can watch a few short clips. Here is a link to a little more of the guy in the Conquering Overwhelming Loss clip. My favorite is the last one titled  Negotiating Conflict. If you have some time check out the whole piece here. This lady is so brave. It is amazing to watch and totally worth the time commitment.

I think what I love the most is how simple he makes things. He doesn’t assign a lot of blame or talk about a process of gradual change. He really pounces on the issue and empowers people to see they don’t have to spend years thinking about changing, they can just do it.

Why we cling so tightly to our problems, stories and histories I don’t really know. I am just realizing we don’t have to and it is so cool!


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