Confident or Arrogant?

How can you be completely confident in how great you are without being cocky and arrogant? This is a question I kick around sometimes as I have begun to encourage people to embrace with gusto the innate gifts that make them natural “Experts” in the field. Part of this must be knowing that all of the gifts I have are just that, gifts. They are something I was give. They are not some Thing that I have acquired which makes me better or above anyone else. Knowing that every person I meet has their own gifts and the potential to teach also keeps me humble.

It is not a normal conversation to discuss how great you are at this or that. Maybe it should be. I think an example is in order here. I have a great friend who is beginning to work on uncovering her creative side. She has always believed herself to be pretty much devoid of creativity of any sort. The ironic thing is that she is beyond supportive of other’s dreams and passions. She gets passionate when she talks to others about reaching for their dreams. I tell everybody if you have an idea or want to start anything, you should call her. She is the world’s best Number One Fan. Trust me, this is an amazing talent. Without any conscious effort or thought to do so,  she focuses on you with infinite patience and confidence. The magic is that you begin to believe in yourself at a deeper level.  That, as they say, is priceless.

I believe that one of the gifts I was given is the ability to see these hidden talents in others. I don’t think I see things that others don’t, I believe I just have a weird kind of tunnel vision. I am learning to trust in this ability and listen to it. I was given this skill for a reason and I am trying to use it well. Too often we diminish these parts of ourselves. We say things like, “It doesn’t do me any good” or, “I can’t DO anything with that, it’s just me.”

To not acknowledge these gifts is more than just a shame, it is denying what is divinely yours. There is a reason you were created with a great eye for this or that, an unbelievable memory, incredible patience, or the ability to communicate with all kinds of people.  You don’t have to quit your job tomorrow and become a healer, minister, therapist, or whatever. It could be that a change is in order. But, you can also find ways to incorporate these talents into your day-to-day life.

You are not being cocky when you tell someone, “You know, I have this crazy memory.  I remember you mentioned such and such a long time ago. Here you are mentioning this again. I would love to hear more about how you could turn this into a business.” or “You look so great in that color. I saw a shirt in a catalog that I was thinking would look great on you. I have this thing where I just love dressing people. I guess I am a personal shopper at heart. Would you mind if I brought in a few photos?”   You are where you are and who you are for a reason. Know that when you are the best you, the world becomes a better place. Try your best to listen and be open when someone drops a pearl in your hands. The universe knocks,  sometimes it just does so very quietly.

I am leaving tomorrow for a week’s vacation. We are heading down to South Carolina for some fun in the sun. I am guessing that you won’t hear from me while I am away. All my best for a great week!


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