Vision Boards and Affirmations

I spent most of the day reading up on vision boards and affirmations in preparation for this weekend’s seminar. I can’t wait to get started. I have never made a vision board before or designed an affirmation to support a specific goal. The information I found talked a lot about law of attraction, which is fascinating. It also talked about these as tools to set an intention, and with that clarity finding/seeking the things in your life which will support that intention.

I started wondering if I could come up with specific examples in my life. For a while….crickets. Then it all started flooding in. The most powerful realization was how I had created a change in my relationships with my husband and kids. I remember clearly last Spring thinking how I wished I was closer with my son. I often felt like I missed the mark with him. He didn’t seem to let my love in. No wonder as I was so often seeing and pointing out his flaws. I thought about what I wanted for that relationship. I realized that what I wanted was to give him a feeling of unconditional love and support. I wanted him to know his Momma was right behind him all the way. The more I pictured this the more that spark grew in our relationship. He comes looking for me now because he wants a hug. He includes me in his activities, ideas and dreams. I am such a lucky mom.

As this change was occurring, I naturally progressed to wanting my daughter to know she was treasured, and to feel the same love and support as my son. I wanted to feel a joyous spark and deep appreciation for my husband. The more I focused on those feelings as they came up… the more they came up. When I start to notice that I am seeing only aggravation and stress in these relationships, I remember to look for what I want.


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5 responses to “Vision Boards and Affirmations

  • jencotten

    I think the most inspiring part for me is creating them, and then I sort of go through phases with the finished products: for a few weeks I’ll look at them daily, then not at all for another few weeks. Part of it could be that I begin to see them in my minds eye…as an athlete, visualization is an important skill that I’ve been working on for a while now! But part of it could be that we go through cycles, searching for inspiration, then creating something once we have found it?

    What do you think?

    • lifeandfriendship

      I think visualization is important too. I am practicing imagining how I will feel when I reach certain goals. So I am keeping my board up where I can see it all the time for now. I am trying to attach more to the feelings in the images than the actual stuff. I also found it very interesting that my board shows so clearly what I am working to attract, even parts of myself that have been neglected. Even though it was not what I had in mind when I started. Very cool!

  • jencotten

    I LOVE vision boards and am hopelessly addicted to the action-spurring energy they inspire! Are you familiar with Mike Dooley? His mantra is “thoughts become things” and his writing style is delectable. Here’s his bio:

    Nice blog!

    • lifeandfriendship

      We all loved making our vision boards. It was so fun and kind of relaxing. Just curious do you keep your vision boards out and look at them or do you hide them away? We found two schools of thought on that one. I will check out Mike Dooley. Thanks for checking out my blog and commenting. I appreciate it!

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