Loving Kindness

I have made some promises to myself lately about speaking harshly to myself and being judgmental of others. When I notice these thoughts looping through my mind, I try to get rid of them within 30 seconds. This has become a fun challenge for me. It is becoming a good tool to notice what my mind creates when I am not paying attention.

One of the ways I am employing to kick those negative thoughts out and replace them with a calmer and kinder wavelength is with a Loving Kindness prayer. This is also called a Metta Meditation and there are many variations out there. I like to keep it simple so I stick with this:

May I be safe

May I be happy

May I be peaceful

May I be well

If I am feeling angry or judgmental, I change the words to May you be safe… and I think of that person.

Please know this is a drastically shortened version of the whole Metta Meditation process which involves spreading that loving kindness out to all beings. I found an article by Linda Sparrowe on a website called himalayaninstitute.org which goes into greater detail if you are interested. Here is an excerpt: “Repeat the prayer over and over again for several minutes, feeling as though you’re swaddled in loving-kindness. When you feel ready, substitute the name of the person you wish to forgive for the word “I.” Set the intention to wrap this person in the love you now hold in your heart. Don’t worry if this seems impossible at first. Be patient, and ever so gradually, you’ll begin to feel a shift. “

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