How do teachers know what to teach?

I took a class with one of my favorite yoga teachers this morning.  She is so cheerful and just radiates happiness. Every class you take with her feels like she created it just for you. This morning’s class was very slow, holding the poses for a long time. This can be torture! It’s also one of the things I love most about yoga.  Being in a pose that feels like it could kill you and staying there. I no longer fantasize about being the most flexible or the strongest. I just breathe. Repeated exposure slowly makes you realize you can take this skill out into your real life.

I started thinking about great teachers I have had in my life. It seems like the really good ones understand that you can’t go from A to Z without working your way through the whole alphabet.  Getting lectured on something you’re not ready to hear is not going to do anybody any good. Additionally, just being given the answers is nowhere near the same as actually learning the lessons. Great teachers understand all of this. How is it that  a group of people can experience the same thing and yet each person takes away something different? This is what I thought of this morning, while I was intentionally breathing my way through heinously long Warrior Two’s. YOUR lesson is there for you all the time. The teacher most likely is in the form of some one or something you don’t want to deal with. The more you want to run from it the more you need to hear it. What is it today, right now that is staring you in the face. What are you sick of, pissed off about, or desperately missing right now in your life. Did someone say something to you and it just keeps going around and around in your mind. I’m just guessing, but that’s probably the direction you need to look to figure out what you need to figure out!


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