Does any of this sound familiar?

Yesterday I put the finishing touches on my script for the Acting and Improvisation seminar today. The conversation will be about ways to live a  happier life and finding Joy. Sounds pretty good, right?

Below are a few of my favorite tips and quotes I found in the process.

The listed 12 ways to find Joy. My two favorite were:

#2. Live Your Own Life. Forget what others want and expect of you. The beauty of your life is you choose who you want in it and what you do with it. Find your passion and purpose. Look for mentors. Create adventure. Have fun. Be kind. Stay true to yourself.


#3. Enjoy your journey. “I wish I could show you when you are lonely or in darkness, the astonishing light of your own being.” –Hafiz of Persia. Life is precious and doesn’t have to be difficult.


The website lists 7 ways to cultivate gratitude. I love #7 on their list:

Forgive yourself and others. By forgiving yourself and others you lay down great burdens and allow yourself to enjoy the present moment.

The website excerpts a book written by professor Martin Seligman, the author of  Authentic Happiness, Using the new positive psychology to realize your potential for lasting fulfillment. They list 11 things that “Happiness High” people do to find joy. These are the two that jumped out at me:

#3. Take time to remember the kid in you. Take time to be fun-loving. Get excited and have fun.

#11. Find your calling. Don’t take up space in the world and give nothing back in return. Share your talents and your skills with the world. Don’t worry, you’ll find many things to share if you just pay attention.

The number one way to be happier and find Joy on all of the lists and articles I found was to be grateful, cultivate gratitude and look for what’s right.

I love the pod casts from Tara Brach who teaches from a Buddhist perspective. She teaches about being focused on one thing and that one thing being all that you see. She says, “If a pickpocket meets a Saint, what does the pickpocket see? A Saint’s pocket.”

Focus on finding what you have in your life to be grateful for. It is easy, free and will probably make you a whole lot happier.


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