Boo! What’s hiding in your closet?

Holy smokes! I am getting my butt kicked in my Design Your Life class. The homework assignments are so emotionally intense and draining. I fluctuate between feeling on top of the world and totally in charge of my life to being pretty sure I am a total nut ball. It is exhausting, but I can see how this is exactly what I needed. No way would I ever make myself write in detail from the voice of my negative traits about all the wacky things I believe about myself. No way would I write a list of “Hauntings” which are those choke points in your life, like failed relationships or behavior you’re not proud of. It could also be something negative that someone said about you which has stuck with you forever. The writing is on the wall with that one. The next homework will undoubtedly be to call some one off of that list and get some perspective on the whole thing. Who does this?!  The truth is that this is really an action plan for stepping into your power. Speaking the truth about past behavior you have been hiding forever helps loosen it’s grip on your life. Looking honestly at your beliefs about yourself and others gives you the chance to decide if that is how you want to proceed in the world. Having a few friends to support you on the way makes it an adventure. Today I told a few of my girlfriends about a haunting of mine. Something I have never told a single person before IN MY WHOLE LIFE. Okay, okay, I haven’t actually called my middle school science teacher to apologize yet, but I’m sure it’s coming!

Join us this Sunday in Woburn for the Acting and Improvisation class and get reacquainted with fun. Helen Deborah Lewis will lead us in the acting exercises  which will help us to loosen up and stop taking ourselves so seriously. Contact me at or check out the Brighten Your Light page for more information.


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2 responses to “Boo! What’s hiding in your closet?

  • broadsideblog

    I went back to see my old doctor (from 1996 or so) again and as I was filling him on my life, told him, calmly and quietly, that now that my bitch of a stepmother is 4 yrs dead and my mother no longer speaks to me (her only child), I’ve never been happier. I was so often unhappy and insecure as they kept reflecting back to me a woman I didn’t even recognize.

    You can waste a lot of life trying to please people whose only power is making sure you never will.

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