Day 11- Counting My Blessings

You know when something you’ve heard pops back into your head and suddenly it has much more significance? This happens to me a lot. I read this quote yesterday,

“We spend most of our lives cutting down our ambitions

because the world has taught us to think small.

Dreams express what your soul is telling you;

as crazy as your dreams might seem

– even to you –

I don’t care; you have to let that out.”

-Eleni Gabre-Mahdin

It really hit home when I read first read it, but reading it again today gave it deeper meaning to me. It gives me courage and support to carry on with my dream. I know it was sent at the perfect time for me to see it. Another beautiful example of synchronicity. I feel the world caring for me even as it pushes me out of my comfortable nest!

This quote is from a wonderful blog called pathwriter. She has tons of inspirational zingers if you need a shot of love, courage or motivation, you can find it there.

The next seminar will be Finding your Joy with acting and improvisation on 3/25. I would LOVE to have you join us. For more information or to sign up please go to Brighten Your Light and check it out.


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