Day 7 Looking for Love

I am choosing today for my blessing and proof that I am loved in this great big world, a conversation I had with someone I love. As part of the class I took about Designing Your Life, I am attending a few follow-up classes. That means I have the homework that comes along with them. Part of this week’s assignment was to have a difficult conversation. I got to choose who to call and what to talk about, but I had to make the call and say what I have been holding onto that is keeping space between us in our relationship.

The person I chose was grateful I had chosen her. How special is that? She listened to me, heard what I had to say, and gave her permission to keep this conversation going if the need should arise. I know this is intentionally vague as I want to respect her privacy. The blessing here is that I called some one I love and explained I have been hurt in the past by them, and that I hold myself back from our relationship because of it. She did not react with anger or evasion, but with love. After that conversation I felt even stronger that being honest about who I am and how I feel is the only way to really know I am loveable. Otherwise I can always kid myself that people are in love with the facade and not the real me.

Now I am getting off this darn computer as it is 7:30 on a Friday night. I have to go have some fun or at the very least, relax!!


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