Day 5 Looking for Love

Wow, this week is chugging along! This morning I called my friend because I just had to find out if she had heard about a job she had interviewed for. I had such a strong feeling that she got the job, I just couldn’t not call. I expected her to  be out, but was happy to catch her at home. She hasn’t heard yet but told me I had helped her- in a way.

She had brought with her the journal I gave her at the first seminar. In an attempt to settle her last-minute nerves before the interview, she decided to read some of the quotes I had in the journal. She said that reading the quotes helped center her in a wonderful way that made her feel comfortable and relaxed going into the interview. It brings tears to my eyes to think I played a little part in supporting her on her path! Now that’s a blessing!

On of the quotes she read was:

Ask, and it shall be given to you;

Seek, and you shall find;

Knock, and it shall be opened to you.

For whoever asks, receives;

And he who seeks, finds;

And to him who knocks,

The door is opened.

-Matthew 7:7:8 Jesus of Nazareth


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