Day Three Looking for Love

The day has gotten away from me but I wanted to honor my commitment to post daily this week about a message of love and blessings I had noticed that day.

Yet another serendipitous connection, this one to yesterday’s post… I turned the t.v. on tonight and it was still on the PBS channel from the kids shows this morning. A pledge drive was on and Dr. Wayne Dyer  was speaking as part of the drive. He introduced a woman named Anita Moorjami, who has written a book after her near death experience, (years ago), with end stage cancer. He asked her if she had learned the importance of being positive through this experience. She said she had learned that,

“More important than being positive, is being yourself… live fearlessly.”

I guess this is a message I need to hear repeatedly! 


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2 responses to “Day Three Looking for Love

  • Kat Tate

    And what a great message it is! I was lucky enough to go along to hear Wayne Dyer speak in Sydney recently. He pulled Anita up on the stage as a surprise and she told us her story. She just radiated with enlightenment and you can definitely tell she lives by that message every day. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    Oh, and if you’re interested, here’s a post I wrote about Dr Dyer’s seminar:

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