Day 2 Looking for Love

Starting this blog has been such an experience in telling the truth. I have pushed myself to be honest about who I am as well as my goals for my seminars. This can be quite a trip! When I write I try to turn off that inner critic that tells me how everyone who reads this is going to think I am a giant nutball. I do my best to trust that my truth will resonate and hopefully some of what I say will be inspiring in some way to some people.

Nothing like a bag of crazy nuts!

That said, this is a new language for me. I am not someone who has spent tons of time going in-depth with these conversations. I know what is in my heart and how I try to live but putting that into words is a new experience in many ways. This week I am trying to  post every day about something I have found which reminds me that I am loved and blessed. My mind was alternately flooded with ideas and then tumbleweeds would start to roll by. Some day I may write about my amazing friend Denise and how she was my angel and my anchor after my father died. I might also tell the story of how my son went sledding with his friend only to sit on the hill talking about how blessed they are – really!!!

I decided to stick with the Serendipity theme that seems to run through a lot of my posts and quote something I read last night in a book called Spiritual Notes to Myself by Hugh Prather:

Actions are not spiritual. I can “kill with kindness”

and drive people up the wall with

positive thinking.

“Finding something nice to say” about someone

is not practicing love. If I tell a friend that the

person who cheated him didn’t mean it, I just

make him feel more isolated and alone.

The world is a documentary of separation and

nothing within it can prove Oneness. But we’re

not obliged to battle negative interpretations of

the world with positive interpretations. Only

when I turn to God can I see God.

Spirituality isn’t an affectation. It isn’t wearing

white cotton and talking like a god. We can be

spiritual without anyone knowing it. We can

heal without anyone knowing it. We can

awaken to Oneness without anyone knowing it.

But if we start talking about our holiness- painting

a picture of how holy we are- we block our holiness.

I found this to be a serendipitous blessing in my life because I have felt conflicted lately. I feel conflict between being genuinely myself which is a real person on the path of life. Which means I have days when I am full of compassion and days when I am all set with most everybody. I am someone who likes to drop the F-bomb from time to time and definitely tells it like it is. Well, I may have misinterpreted this but I took this as a blessing that it is okay for me to be myself. I dread being one of those people who only says nice things and never gets in a grumpy mood. You know the kind of person you can’t get away from fast enough. Don’t worry, that’s not me!

P.S. If it is you, I’ll do my best to remember it’s not your fault. That’s just how God made you.


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