Vacation Week

This week was winter vacation for us in New England. It was great to have time to relax and hang out with the family.  The mess, noise, and constant interruptions didn’t ruffle my feathers the way they often do when everyone is home. I am hoping this means that my practice  being in the moment and staying grateful for  all my blessings is paying off. It could also mean my give a rip level has plummeted as I have been wrapped up thinking about starting the seminars tomorrow. Either way, it has been nice.

It has slowed down my writing considerably and I have struggled to come up with anything to blog about. I decided to honor my commitment to treat myself to least one yoga class per week and went this afternoon. As we were getting to the end of class I sent out a mental request to the universe for inspiration. As I lay there stretching, all sweaty and tired this old song called  Pictures of You by The Cure started playing:

I’ve been looking so long at these pictures of you

That I almost believed they’re real.

I’ve been living so long with these pictures of you

That I almost believed that the pictures are all I can feel.

I’ll take it!

We hold on to images and ideas about ourselves and others believing they are real. We have believed in them for so long we no longer see that they are pictures we have created ourselves. My husband works in education so an education example comes to mind. Let’s say we follow a class of Eighth Grade students around for the day. That same group of kids will behave differently from class to class depending on the teacher. One teacher will have a poorly behaved classroom completely believing that this is an out of control group and there is nothing to be done about it. They show up to work every day knowing that this class is going to be trouble. As this same group enters the next classroom everything about them changes. They move quickly to their seats, get out their materials. They are attentive and engaged with their teacher. What’s different, of course, is that the teacher in the second example has a picture of the class as well-behaved. The second teacher  believes they are in charge and does not expect out of line behavior.  And so it is.

Lets get a little more personal. Your boss treats you like crap but other coworkers are respected. Your kids are mouthy with you but not with your spouse. Your spouse doesn’t respect your wishes, your finances are out of control, you can’t keep friends, you can’t find anyone decent to date, etc., etc. What are your beliefs about yourself and others that is making all of this show up in your life?

Start with something small and decide to change it, OR, start with something big and decide to change it. Either way you are getting momentum. Get the ball rolling and make yourself happier. Grab a friend and tell them you commit to jogging with them twice a week because you want to get in shape and hang out at the same time. Tell your kids if they wash their toothpaste out of the sink for the week you will take them out for ice cream because you are tired of cleaning their spit. Whatever it is that makes you happy, make it happen more often in your life. You deserve it! I know change can be scary and all of that, but isn’t it worth trying for more. Imagine the best picture possible and figure out how you are going to make it happen.

Bob Ross photo

Remember Bob Ross from PBS. He pictured a life teaching others how to paint and boy did it make him happy!

The next seminar in the Brighten Your Light Series is the Dress to be Your Best class on 3/11/12 from 3 to 6 pm.  If you feel you would like more information please contact me at or call me at (781)367-5751. Also, the seminars will be at the Thompson Memorial Library at 33 Elm Street in North Woburn. Please do not confuse this with the main library in the center.


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