Serendipity aka Everything Happens for a Reason

We have all heard this expression. “Well, you know, everything happens for a reason.” This might be as dramatic as you caught a red light and just missed being in a car accident. It could be less dramatic, but just as powerful. I happened to need to use the phone in a bar one night and some guy was hogging it. I started harassing him to get off the phone. Turns out he went for a post-graduate year after high school in the same small town I am from in Maine. That is  how I met my husband. How about the smaller, more subtle nudges?

I have started going again to a Friday morning yoga class. It is quite a mix of ladies in the group and the teacher is wonderful. One woman in the group is quite vocal. Usually this really bugs me in a yoga class. But I have  just been breathing away- no problem. In the beginning of class last week, this chatty woman, (let’s call her Red), was saying about how she has lost 7 or 8 pounds since the start of the year. Red made a derogatory comment about some of her body parts. Another woman, (we’ll call her Blue), said in an off-handed way that we should all be grateful said body parts are working well enough to get us to a yoga class and through our lives. At the end of class the Blue began to explain how she has had three near death experiences. One time she went down cold in front of her kids at a store.  I walked out of class thinking about all of the comments we hear all day long. How many of them have a message for us? Did Red hear it? Did she feel the universe nudging her to be grateful for her lumpy, bumpy, healthy body? I don’t know. Too often we are swirling around inside our own heads and miss these subtle nudges from the universe.

Another expression you have heard is pennies from heaven. I never thought much about this.  I do remember saying/ thinking to my Dad after he died that if he was going to contact me from the great beyond, I would prefer silver coins. A few summers ago I made the trip to Santa’s Village with my kids. All weekend long it was dimes. Dimes everywhere I looked. I must have found 30 or 40 dimes that weekend. Dropped in front of the concession booths, waiting in lines for rides, in the parking lot, everywhere! Then my little brother died. I started finding pairs of dimes. Seriously, always two dimes. I mentioned to my father that I like quarters too. So, now I find dimes and quarters. Not always together anymore, but sometimes.  They always pick up my spirits.

I can’t say if this is a message of love from the great beyond or just the Universe giving me a little pick me up. Either way, I appreciate the support. I was headed to my second Design Your Life class yesterday. I was in a good space having survived my phone call to my friend. I just mentally asked my Dad to be with me as I know how much he would love this class. To say he loved stuff like this is a massive understatement. He would have been literally buzzing with excitement! I was thinking how nice it would be to find a quarter to know he heard me. I glanced into a parked car and saw a whole roll of quarters sitting in the console.  Did my dead father put them there. I really doubt it. Is it possible that I got nudged? I like to think so.

If you are feeling a nudge, come and join us for the Brighten Your Light seminars. I have added a sign up for one class option. If you are interested in checking it out but not sure about the whole series then sign up for the first class. It is $45 to sign up for just one class. If you decide to continue the extra $15 will be taken off of the total cost for the rest of the seminars.

I can’t wait to get started. Come  laugh and learn with a great group of ladies. Don’t worry, I promise I won’t make you call anybody up and tell them you lied!


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