Everywhere you go, There you are

The place you are right now

God circled on the map for you.


The reason for this blog and the Life and Friendship seminars is not to fix anyone or give them the answers to Life’s struggles. We are all at the perfect spot in our lives. Exactly where we were meant to be. No matter what that place looks like.  The reason for starting Life and Friendship is to breathe life into the primal memory deep inside all of us that we are not alone on our path. Our own self doubt, fear, and ego cause us to doubt this knowledge.  When times are tough we can turn inward and compress ourselves into scared shells of who we could be. We become lost in overwhelming feelings of anxiety and worry. If you find yourself here for minutes, hours, days, or years know you are not alone. Reach out to the world around you and the support you need will rise to meet you. Fill yourself with all that is being offered. Don’t fixate on the solution you believe to be right, but trust the path that is unfolding in front of you. When times are going great we can get caught up in our ego and swell up to such a size that we are taking more than we need from those around us. We can forget to have gratitude for all the universe has set before us. If you need you must take if you have you must give.

Life and Friendship is about trusting this knowledge. That we are all connected and the success of one is a joy for all. The pain of one is a hardship for all. Maybe your taking is having someone use their contacts to get you an interview,  watch your children so you can go on a date, or sit and listen when you need an ear. Maybe your giving is sitting quietly and sending your love out to those who need it, donating to a charity or supporting a friend with a dream to change her life.

There is a song I love called For You by Peter Bradley. Part of the song is:

If your fortune ever fails you

and you’re down without a dime to see you through

there’s still luck that you can find

you can have a peace of mind

yeah, I’ll make a wish for you.

If your lover ever leaves you

you don’t have to be alone

take the road that leads you home

and I’ll be waiting there for you.

You are just where you should be. You are just who you should be. Trust this. Lean into the universe it is there to hold you.

I have posted a link for sign up through Pay Pal on the Brighten Your Light page under Upcoming Events. This is an easy way for you to join our group beginning on February 26th.

If these words ring true for you please post a comment or share this blog with some one you think would appreciate it. I would love the feedback and the help in spreading the word.

Also, I am working on putting together a questionnaire to send out to women who are living their dreams. I think it will be fun to hear how they went after their goals and jumped the hurdle of self doubt. If you have any recommendations for questions please post them in the comments section or email them to me at heather@lifeandfriendship.com


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